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Links to 1950's Dollhouses

See 1950's doll houses at

A lovely furnished Jubilee Terrace Dolls house

Weybourne:View a Doll house on Coronation Day 1953


Links to 1950's Dollhouse Supplies

Three Flying Duck Wall Figurines

KT Miniatures


You can purchase this typical 1950's kitchen table and chairs (above)

1950's Blogs


Welcome to the 50s Housewife Experiment

Feeling like listening to some 1950's music?

The 1950's
Space Age

I can sure remember the 1950's very well, I probably roller- skated my way through half of that decade, I was mad about roller skating.
The colour combinations pink and black, and pink and grey, were very popular. Cream with red accents was trendy too.

My Dad put cupboard doors on the shelves on wall of our kitchen, giving it a new built in look. The new cupboards were painted cream and Mum chose red and cream square door handles. I was very impressed with those square door knobs, they seemed so space age.
Everything seemed space age in the'50's.

For my 10th birthday in the mid fifties I asked for a cup and saucer which I had seen in a shop window, the saucer was shaped in a triangle! How cool is that! It had a grey squatty cup and a pink saucer and was completely different than our old fashioned flowery china. I was so proud of that cup and saucer, it made me feel space age, modern and set apart from the rest of the family.

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Some miniature dollhouse tutorials

Make a shag rug from bunka


A great tutorial on how to make a 1950's kitchen table

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A typical 1950's kitchen

A 1950's Living Room



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A 1950's country theme
living room


Grazhina Kayhart's Gallery

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