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I Know I was Born a Miniaturist Because.......

part 1

It seems that the older I get, the more I think about my childhood. I am one of those people who has vivid memories of childhood. Most of my memories are very good, and quite a few of them reveal, that I was born a miniaturist.

It is not a hobby I adopted, like my other hobbies. It is embedded in me somewhere. I have always had a fascination for anything tiny I love making almost anything in miniature, but the absolute favourite thing to make is miniature food. My memory of making tiny veggies goes back a long way, pre-school for sure.

The reason I know I was pre-school age is because I remember wearing little dungarees and realizing I had made them all muddy in my endeavor to make a plate of ''dinner''. My Mum told me I would not have worn dungarees after age 5. I often got dirty, it was always the same, I would be busy playing in the back garden and suddenly I would notice how dirty I had become, and I knew I was in for a scolding. My mum wanted a clean little girl, I never was. I still mess up my clothes. I got muddy that day trying to make miniature sausages.

I had found a plant that had tiny little green seeds at the top, they looked like tiny peas, and they really took my fancy .Finding them inspired me to make a whole dinner. Dinner in our house was always much the same, meat, potatoes and one or two vegetables. I had a little set of tin dishes so I fetched one of the plates. The peas looked perfect just like the real thing but much smaller. A few leaves torn up became cabbage. We lived in Kent, U. K at that time, the soil there is full of chalk, so I had a piece of chalk with the mud wiped off of it for mashed potatoes. My little creation was working out well, and looking good. All that was easy, I was pleased with myself. But how could a person make meat? There was nothing amongst the flowers and plants that looked like meat.

Meat looked brown, soil was brown, and maybe I could shape the soil into a meaty sort of shape. I decided I could make sausages. The garden was dry so the soil had to be moistened, I knew where to do this job. We had in our yard some sort of metal covering, maybe as an access to the water supply pipes, the metal cover had a bowl shaped indent with a bar across it for a man to get his hand in and lift the metal cover. The bowl shaped part was perfect for mixing soil and water to make mud. I had used it in the past. It's hard to get the consistency correct to make mud sausages.

Too much water means you have to add more soil, and you get your dungarees very dirty. My poor mother. I failed at sausage making, I couldn't get the mud to stick together. As well as getting my clothes dirty, I got mud everywhere and ruined the little plate of tiny peas and veggies I had been so proud of.

It was such a long time ago but I can recall it all so easily. I remember how excited I felt about finding those seeds that looked like tiny peas.I can still get that excited over dollhouse/ mini stuff. This love of making tiny food has never left, nor has my attention to plant life.

I found my passion at a very young age, it has never left, but there were many busy years when there was little time to indulge in hobbies. I so appreciate that I have some time now.

Miniature food is still my favorite mini to make.

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A word about decorating with checks.

The same rules apply to decorating a real house and a doll's house.If your house is nice and square, check or plaid wallpaper are no problem. However if your house is a wee bit crooked check wallpaper will emphasize the problem. An all over floral or pattern is a much better choice

I have an old [real size]house, 114 years. It is not perfectly square and I made the mistake of using a posh plaid wallpaper .
Not a great idea. The wallpaper was straight but it emphasized that the room sloped slightly.

I like to see a plaid wallpaper on the lower half of the wall with the top painted. In a dollhouse you can glue on a small strip of wood or a wallpaper border to hide where the two join the two. My friend used bamboo skewers as a dado rail.Two skewers high looked like carved moldings.

Miniature food is my favorite thing to make with polymer clay.

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I Know I was Born a Miniaturist Because.......
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