A view of the miniature market greengrocer stall and the carols singers

The first photograph shows the Vegetable Market Stall in the foreground and the Carolers in the back.

Mr. Sinclair has been running the vegetable stand for many years now, as did his father before him.

Little Margaret is buying some onions and potatoes in anticipation of the lovely Christmas dinner she will be making for herself and her adult son.In the back row the Carollers stand in front of the Christmas tree, singing their tiny hearts out.

grocery stall
grocery market stall1

A closer look and Mr. Sinclair's veggies. Oranges, onions, cucumbers and some Christmas bouquets are for sale today. I made most of the vegetables twice. This was the first stall I made for the miniature market,as years went by I learned better techniques for making vegetables so I made most of them again

Carrots, peppers, cabbage and lettuce.
All are made from polymer clay.

The Carol Singers

Polymer clay minature dolls. The Carol Singers

The Carol Singers are at the Miniature Market every year at Christmas. They sing to raise money for the poor. The group changes from year to year and anyone is welcome to join in. Let me introduce them all to you.

Polmer clay minature doll  Abigail the soprano
Abigail sings soprano. She fancies herself to be
the most accomplished singer in the group, just
between you and me, that is debatable.

Polmer clay minature doll  Violin player
Doctor Barker is well liked by everyone in the community
He would like to retire but there is no new doctor to replace him. He has been playing the violin since he was a boy.
Dr Barker is modeled on the doctor I had as a child, way back when they made house calls. I loved him, especially since he was credited for saving my life. I was pleased with how much the doll resembles him.


Polmer clay minature doll  s The drummer boy and the bass singer

Mr Jeffrey, who is a lawyer, has a wonderful deep voice and is a welcome addition to any choral group.
Terence tries valiantly to keep the right beat on his drum, it is the first year that he has been old enough to perform with the group.

Polmer clay minature doll  The teacher

It can be said that Miss Ada Gill is the backbone of the singing group. She is a retired school teacher, it is she who organizes the rehearsals and makes sure that everyone shows up on time. Miss Gill is named for a school teacher I had from age 9 to 11. She had a very positive influence on me .
I remember that she gave myself and another girl real clay to model with, while the other girls in the class got plasticine. Perhaps she saw something in me that I didn't.
I wasn't to pick up any clay again until I was in my mid-fifties

Polmer clay minature doll  Caroline

Young Caroline is turning 13 next month. She is very pleased to have a new outfit to wear this Christmas. She loves music and is learning to play the piano as well as the flute.
I used a babies velvety dress to make this outfit. The fabric is lightweight but looks like velvet. Her toes are turned in a bit because I wanted her to look a little awkward as young ladies this age can sometimes be.

Jack of all Trades

It is hard to see Jack in any of the photographs because
he is hidden behind the Greengrocers Stall


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