The Book Table and the Butcher

What a busy place! So much hustle and bustle. In the foreground you can see the Book Table.
Mr. Holmes is perusing a book while it looks like Dodger is picking his pocket!
Oh Oh the British Bobby has seen what is going on and is about to blow the whistle.
Mrs. Snooty and her equally snooty daughter are heading toward the Vegetable Stall, while Reginald is so loaded down with Christmas parcels that he almost bumps into them.


Reginald is one of the first dolls I made. He is a real character, who loves to joke around. As you can see he has a very generous nature
and always wants to make sure that everyone gets a wonderful gift.

Donald runs the Book Table. He is an avid reader himself and spends many happy ours discussing books with his customers.
I love making miniature food more than anything else. I can remember rushing through the costuming of the doll just so that I could make the ham and lettuce sandwich he is having for lunch.

mrs snooty


Mrs. Snooty and her daughter Miss Snooty are two of my early dolls. Mrs. Snooty is modeled after 90 year old lady, Rose,whom I used to care for. She was not a bit snobbish, but liked to make the snooty face and posture to make me laugh. She was still alive when I made the doll and was so delighted with it.


Scrooge looks very pleased with himself. He is hurrying somewhere with that turkey. Is it for him or is he giving it away?
This doll strongly resembles my Dad. It is odd but a lot of my dolls look like my Dad at some point in the sculpting process.
Usually when I notice his face smiling up at me, I smile back, but I don't let the resemblance remain. This time I let it stay and he is now forever smiling up at me with that sparkle in his eye.


Here is a closer look at the 'goings on' at the bookstall . You can see in this picture that Dodger has stolen Mr.Holmes valuable gold watch while Fagan looks on approvingly. Neither of them notice that they are being watched by British Bobby.

A front view of Mr Holmes being robbed of his watch.This little scene appeals to my sense of humor. First mixing the characters of two books is fun, then the fact that the great detective's pocket is being picked by the lowly Dodger tickles me.

I made the Holmes doll when I came across the perfect fabric for his outfit, he is holding one of those smoking pipes that curve down, but you can't see it is the picture.. Dodger and Fagan came later, just because I love those characters.

Another view of the Book Table
I made the guitar a few years ago, in fact I made 4 of them trying
to get one right for a doll of Willie Nelson I was making for someone
This one was one of the rejects.

book table

For sale at the Book Table are about 100 books as well as maps and paintings by unknown artists.
The book covers are printies that a friend sent to me, the rolled up maps are cut out from
National Geographics Magazine, the prints are cut out from the back of a calendar.
The open book on the top of the book table is a nursery rhyme book that I have had forever.


The Butcher, Oscar, is having a busy day, he is almost sold out of turkeys. I loved making the meat,
especially the dead duck and chicken with their heads hanging over the table. The weigh scales are made from a key, some beads, some buttons and some chain.


A selection of meat and sausages.
I needed plates for the meat so I popped out the liner inside of the lids on many pill bottles. I am hoping that it looks like frosted glass



These two dolls are customers
at the Butcher's market stall.
These dolls are not my favorites. In the market setting they are facing the back wall, but they deserve their moment in the sun too.
After all, it is my fault that they are not so cute, not theirs.

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