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The Fishmonger


There is a lot of action in this scene. In the foreground is the Fishmonger's market stall. Ethel is showing him the size of fish she needs for her Christmas Eve Dinner.

Behind the stall you can see that Red Ridinghood is being presented with a gift, behind them a Mr.and Mrs Painter stroll by. On the right, a young mother named Louise pushes her baby carriage through the crowd, showing off the baby along the way.

alan barabaradolls

Alan and Barbara Painter are Caroline's parents. They don't normally come the market as their cook usually does all the shopping. Today they have come to see their daughter perform with the other carol singers. Barbara is a wonderful seamstress. She could afford to have others sew her clothes, but she prefers to make them herself. Mr Alan Painter is the editor of the local newspaper. He works long hours so it is nice to see him taking some time to relax.

Baby pram

Louise is happy to show off her new baby to Rebecca.
I couldn't find anything the right colour for Louise's hat until I looked in the gift wrap ribbon box. I found some wired ribbon that matched. It was the easiest hat I have ever made, I simply wound it around my finger and squished it down a bit. With the feather added it looks quite fashionable.


Red Riding Hood is all grown up now. She has eggs for sale in her basket, from the chickens she and her mother raise.

Hmmm, isn't that Alex the woodcutter presenting her with a Christmas gift? She looks very pleased. That sure puts a new slant on an old story.

Fred the Fishmonger has a far away look in his eye.
Perhaps he is dreaming of his days at sea.

This is Ethel. What a sweetheart she is. Ethel is always trying to help others. She is the first one there when anyone is sick. She is a wonderful cook and all of her visitors go home with a jar of pickles, a fuit pie or whatever else she has on hand.

fred the fishmonger

The fish is all made from polymer clay, as are the cats.
The little shells are real. You can't see the bowl of shrimp very well, they are also made from polymer clay, I used poppy seeds for the shrimp eyes.

Fred's sweater is made from the top of an old sock.People often ask me if I knitted it.

I wanted a clear glass for the ice that all the fish are laying on. I tried automotive glass, but it had a greenish tinge. [ Yes I'll admit it, I picked it up off of the road after a car accident ] I also tried breaking a glass bottle.
I wasn't happy with the results of either so I ended up sacrificing a crystal fruit bowl. Crystal makes gorgeous ice, it is so shiny that the ice actually looks wet.


Behind the Fishmonger is a Table of Christmas Decorations

back of the market

Mr and Mrs Skulptanov

Mr and Mrs Skulptanov are purchasing a Christmas tree. These people are a bit of a mystery, they speak with a strong accent, but nobody knows where they come from. Mrs Skulpinov is very gracious and smiles at everyone, she doesn't say much though. Mr Skulptinov wears a lot of jewellry so we all think they must be very well off.

Old Harold

Old Harold Gardener adapts his Market stall to the seasons.
At this time of year he sells Christmas trees and decorative wreaths, that he and his wife make. The rest of the year he sells plants and garden supplies. His busy time is in the Spring when everyone wants to buy seedlings and perennials.

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