The Bake Table and the Toy Stall

overview of martket

In the foreground you can see the Bake Table laden with all sorts of tasty treats.Christmas puddings sit on top of the case.
Janet, the bake lady, is bringing a bundt cake out of the case to place on the table. In the back you can see the Toy stall
which is run by Mr Nielsen.

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A closer look at all the goodies on the bake table.
most of the cakes, pies and cookies are made with polymer clay. The bread and rolls
, however, are made with Crayola Model Magic.

This brother and sister, Tristan and Trista, have been sent by their mother to beg for some day old bread. They stare longingly at the cakes and pies. Let's hope Janet takes pity on them and gives them some Christmas cookies.

bake table

Ethel has finished shopping at the Fishmonger and is now exclaiming over the array of lovely baked goods in front of her.

A closer look at the poor children, Tristan and Trista


Daisy Banks

Shy Mrs Daisy Banks is a regular, she has been coming to the market for years now. Her husband used to accompany her but his arthritis has been acting up lately.
Mr Con Banks still calls Daisy his Raven Haired Lassie. He hasn't noticed that her hair is now as white as snow.

nasty bill and nancy

Nasty Bill is always in a bad mood, he doesn't actually shop at the market, but tries to hide there from his wife while he boozes.Today he is hiding behind the case of baked goods.
As you can see he has been caught by the Mrs and she looks none too pleased.

The Toy Stall

Colonel Ernest Mann has brought his grandson, Liam, to the market.
Liam is very interested in the toy ship that Mr Nielsen is holding.
This stall is brimming with toys, there are dolls, doll houses, teddies,
toy trains and toy boats, blocks, balls even a bicycle.

Mr Nielsen is named in remembrance of a man who sold doll houses and doll house furniture
many years ago at our local flea market.

The doll houses in the background were purchased at a dollar store, they were gold and were meant to be Xmas tree ornaments. I sanded off the gold paint and sprayed them with primer paint before painting them

Liam is pointing to the toy ship, I think is telling his grandpa how much he likes it.

That is all the photos of My Miniature Market, for now anyway. Like my doll house the market is never really finished.

Making the market dolls called for some forethought. I didn't want to have a lot of stiff dolls, so I had to figure out what they might be doing before I began to make them.


I have had so much fun creating the market, I have used so many hints and tricks as I learned along the way.

I want to say Thank you here to all of the people who have posted tutorials and tips. I couldn't have done this without you.



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