To save the miniature wallpaper to your computer, right click and select "save as'' or 'save image as'.

Select the highest setting on your printer when you print the wallpaper.

The size of the wallpaper printable is 8'' x10'' Spray the printout with a matte sealer before using it, otherwise the inks may bleed and ruin it.

I use cardstock to print on, you may have other preferences.




Mini Wallpapering Hints

For many years I applied wallpaper using an all purpose glue. This works fine as long as you use the glue sparingly and pay close attention to gluing all of the edges.

More recently I have been using a glue stick to adhere the wallpaper to the dollhouse walls. I find this method works very well, quick and easy with no drying time. You have to make sure that all of the edges are well glued


You can purchase a glue stick for less than a dollar,I have found them in, Michael's Hobby shop, the dollar store, Walmart, Zellers

There are lots of different makes.

Elmers glue sticks


What if the printable is bigger than you want it.
You can make it smaller.

Or there are lots of web sites which will shrink the file for you. Here are just two

While you can successfully make an image smaller, you cannot make it bigger. The image would pixelate and become blurry

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The Regency Era

The term Regency period refers to the years between 1811 and 1820 when King George III of the United Kingdom was deemed unfit to rule and his son, later George IV, was instated as his proxy. The term is often applied to the years between 1800 and 1830, a time characterised by distinctive fashions, politics and culture. It was a period of excess for the aristocracy: it was during this time that the Prince Regent built the Brighton Pavilion, for example. However, it was also an era of uncertainty caused by, for example, riots, the Napoleonic wars and a perceived threat of the English mimicking the French Revolution.

Hints & Tips - Periods & Styles
When we discuss periods and styles we tend to divide the years into neatly definable sections - each with its own particular characteristics. In reality though, the edges are not sharp but blurred

Georgian & Regency Miniature Furniture
Some of the finest copies of antiques in miniature