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If you find a wallpaper border that you like, click on the sample.Clicking the sample will bring up a full 8 inch x 10 inch page of the doll house wallpaper.

Doll house Borders are a very economical way to decorate your dollhouse, since they don't take as much printer ink. You can place the borders as a dado rail part way up the wall or at the ceiling level.

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minimum world.

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Mini Temptations

Dollhouses Trains and more
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Select the highest setting on your printer when you print the wallpaper.
The size of the wallpaper printable is 8'' x10''. The borders are about one-half inch high.

Spray the printout with a matte sealer before using it, otherwise the inks may bleed and ruin it.


When you are applying wallpaper to a corner in your doll house, don't try to put a whole piece of wallpaper on . Fold and trim the mini wallpaper so that you only go around the corner about one-half inch. Then put the paper on the next wall butting it right into the corner.


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