Welcome My Dollhouse

A Home Made Dollhouse Constructed in 1/12th Scale

THe Exterior of the Dollhouse

I am Jennifer
and this is my dollhouse.
I made the dollhouse myself using mostly scrap
lumber.I had no plan drawn up, but I had a house plan
from our real size house.
I took a lot the dimensions from that plan,
including the window placement and sizes.
The staircase is a copy of the staircase I
had in my real house.
I am as enchanted with my dollhouse now as
I was more than 20 years ago

I have made this same dollhouse plan several
times since this one was built and
finally made a website on how to do it
You can find the plans and instructions here.


exterior of dollhouse

The front of the dollhouse opens up
to reveal the interior.
The roof lifts up the show the roooms on the
second floor.I spent February and March 2008 renovating
the dollhouse.
The front doors were replaced, and exterior
of the dollhouse received a fresh coat of
paint.All of the interior rooms were redecorated.
Best of all I rewired the dollhouse,
which totally brought it back to life.

This photograph of the whole house exposes
a major architectural flaw. Can you spot it?

Ok , I give.........the door to the bathroom is on
the wrong side, stepping out of that door would
result in an 8 mini foot '' drop!
I finished the wall with the door before I
installed it, and I accidently did it on
the wrong side. This is what happens
when you build a dollhouse without a real plan.
I could fix it, but none of the
imaginary inhabitants have lodged
any imaginary complaints , so what the heck,
I don't imagine I will get around to
it any day soon.

Even though I worked for many years to make the house and many of the contents,sometimes when I open it,I still can't believe it is mine.
I'm delighted to own it.

interior of whole house

flower beds1
I also added the front flowerbeds.
The hostas in the front are made from
punchedout paper leaves glued to a birthday
candle holder. I honestly don't know if I
invented this method for making
hostas this way,
I may have read a
tip somewhere and filed it in the far
reaches of my brain. It sure works well though.

Some on the plants in the flower beds I made , others were purchased. The white lilies come from
Michaels, the plastic leaves are taken from real size greenery purchased from the Dollar store.
The ''poppies'' I made from red tissue paper
and painted mustard seeds.
The ''black-eyed Susans'' are made
of paper petals and have a polymer
clay center.

The Side Yard
I love flowers and birds. On the yellow bird feeder are chickadees, cardinals on the bird bath and a bluejay on the mailbox.

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Cardinals on the Birdbath.
Cardinals on the Birdbath.
The little bird bath and the gnome in the background were purchased in Herne Bay,Kent, England in 2001.
The little cardinals are polymer clay.Canadian Winters last far too long for my liking. I made the birds one day in April 2008, during yet another snow storm.
I was so fed up with Winter on that day. I was so yearning for Spring. I kept remembering the 2 cardinals who had kept me company while I was gardening last Spring. So, since I couldn't have the real thing, I made my own.

Next are pictures of the first floor living room and kitchen.

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